Blewits (Clitocybe) in North Carolina?

Bill Chestnut unicorn1 at
Thu Nov 2 17:24:19 EST 1995

Hello all;

With this incredibly rainy fall, the yard and surrounding pine woods on 
my property are full of mushrooms. The amanitas and boletes are easy, 
but I have one predominant mushroom growing in the pine straw/debris in 
beds and forest.

The cap is purplish brown to brown and the margin becomes ragged with 
age. It is convex when young, becoming flat and with an indentation and 
slightly scaly at maturity. The gills are a bright, light purple when 
young, changing to the same purple-brown as the cap with age. The gills 
are attached to the stalk and extend down the stalk with age. Spore 
print of a large specimen gave a light purple print. The stalk does not 
have a ring, is bulbous at the base, and becomes somewhat shaggy with 
 Is this the Blewit, Clitocybe nuda, or one of it's relatives (edible, 
hopefully)? Anyone in the NC(Raleigh) area having positively ID'd this 
beast? I've got several pounds of them growing in my flowerbeds!!

Thanks in advance to any replies.
Bill Chestnut
Unicorn1 at

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