Blewits (Clitocybe) in North Carolina?

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Tue Nov 7 10:56:49 EST 1995

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>>  Is this the Blewit, Clitocybe nuda, or one of it's relatives (edible, 
>> hopefully)? Anyone in the NC(Raleigh) area having positively ID'd this 
>> beast? I've got several pounds of them growing in my flowerbeds!!

>It sounds like you've gotten close enough to start testing.  Eat only
>a very small amount to start, and gradually increase the amount you
>eat.  Wait 24 hours between tests.  

I disagree heartily!  My impression from the written discription, now 
vanished in the bit-bucket, was that it "sounds like a Cortinarious to me".

I recommend you find someone who can ID it for sure, in person, before you 
eat it.   Long distance mushroom ID is good for suggestions, but it has 
severe limitations. 

"If in doubt, throw it out."
			    -Johnnie Cochran 8^)

Bob Galvan
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