need info. on fungi-eating mammals

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Wed Nov 8 10:35:47 EST 1995


I haven't got much information on the topic, but I can tell you something on
basis of my personal observations: I know that roe-deers and squirrels eat some
bits of Cantharellus cibarius and also of Boletus edulis (just like us!); a
friend of mine told me that the italian common name of Boletus edulis and
species ("porcini") is due to the fact that pigs and especially the "cinghiali"
(I don't know the english word for it¸ the latin is "Sus scrofa", a sort of
pig) use to eat them. Finally, some animals belonging to the family Cervidae
(e.g. roe-deers) love to eat some hypogeous fungi, especially Elaphomyces
granulatus and the very similar E. muricatus. Actually, the latin generic name
(Elaphomyces) means exactly "fungus (myces) of the deer (elaphus)".
I hope this can be of help.

Greetings, Marco.

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