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>> >        While some work on fungi-eating marsupials has been done here, I 
>> >have been unable to find very much on mammals feeding on fungi outside 
>> >Australia.  If someone knows any refernces related to this topic, could 
>> >they please forward them to me?  My Email address is gitv45 at
> I have also observed squirrels eating Boletus (Suillus) luteus, and
>sheeps eating Tricholoma terreum.

Here on the Queen Charlottes, I have observed Sitka Blacktail Deer and squirrels eating 
Cantharellus cibarius... the squirrels also seem quite fond of Boletus edulis, 
Cantharellus tubaeiformis and Russula xerampelina.  If the mushrooms are small enough to 
carry, squirrels will often leave half-chewed caps sitting on stumps or logs, several 
yards from where they grew.

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