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Nathan Wilson nathan at D2.COM
Thu Nov 9 17:04:48 EST 1995

(This was originally a direct reply, but the mail bounced and since it is
probably of some interest to others out there I'm posting it.)

>I'm looking for leads that will put me on the trail of
>any electronic databases of Agaricales (or smaller/larger
>scope databases)that might exist.... Are there any out there?

Yes.  In fact my masters thesis was on exactly this problem and involved
the creation of such a database.  The current database is fairly small and
a significant amount of interface work need to be done to really make it
usable, but the basic concepts are there.  You can check out both my thesis
and the program on my web page (  The
thesis includes a discussion of some of the other existing tools that could
be used for this task.  I am very interested in finding people interesting
in helping to my the existing system better.

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