agaricales, data bases

Catherine DeLong cdelong at pbi.nrc.can
Thu Nov 9 10:18:34 EST 1995

I'm looking for leads that will put me on the trail of
any electronic databases of Agaricales (or smaller/larger 
scope databases)that might exist.  I would be particularly 
interested in databases that can be searched using 
characters of taxonomic relevance (e.g., spore print, spore 
characteristics, pigmentation, etc...), or that are 
arranged in key format. Information on geographic distribution
of species is also of particular interest.  

Are there any out there?

1.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?
2.  If you have used any such database(s), what worked and
    didn't work (were there features that were good, inadequate,
    or missing, for your needs)?.

Id be really happy for any responses, big or small.  e-mail me at:
	jcunninghm at

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