Blewits (Clitocybe) in North Carolina?

Fred Lessing acento22 at
Fri Nov 10 13:15:12 EST 1995

In article <47bgej$nqv at>, unicorn1 at says...
>Hello all;
>With this incredibly rainy fall, the yard and surrounding pine woods on 
>my property are full of mushrooms. The amanitas and boletes are easy, 
>but I have one predominant mushroom growing in the pine straw/debris in 
>beds and forest.

> Is this the Blewit, Clitocybe nuda, or one of it's relatives (edible, 
>hopefully)? Anyone in the NC(Raleigh) area having positively ID'd this 
>beast? I've got several pounds of them growing in my flowerbeds!!

Well, I'll follow what all the other repliers have said before about 
beingf cautious! Still, it sounds pretty much like the blewits we get 
here in Portugal. However, I find their taste rather unpleasant - 
sweetish, like mould or decaying leaves. I wonder whether that's to do 
with the environment they grow in? (beech trees, Luistanian 
oak, eucalypts, umbrella pines, acacia...)

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