Blewits (Clitocybe) in North Carolina?

Lorelei Norvell lorelei at TELEPORT.COM
Fri Nov 10 11:53:15 EST 1995

Re Cortinarius:

	Ahem.  Larry is correct in all but one statement.  Cortinarii 
also can be found in large cespitose clusters.  It depends on the 

On 9 Nov 1995, Larry Caldwell wrote:

> In article <47nvk1$d9u at>, kasplash at (Bob Galvan) wrote:
> > >Bill Chestnut <unicorn1 at> wrote:
> > >>  Is this the Blewit, Clitocybe nuda, or one of it's relatives (edible, 
> > >> hopefully)? Anyone in the NC(Raleigh) area having positively ID'd this 
....> > I disagree heartily!  My impression from the written discription, 
> > vanished in the bit-bucket, was that it "sounds like a Cortinarious to me".
> Cortinarii are mycorrhizal with trees.
> Cortinarii have a rusty brown spore print.
> Cortinarii have a veil. (cortina)
> Cortinarii have a solitary to scattered fruiting habit.
> Lorelei Norvell

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