Medicinal Fungi

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Wed Nov 15 12:26:28 EST 1995

There is a substantial ammount of research literature on this topic 
published in English in Japanese medical Journal...
A recent review should give you many such references:
Jong, S.C.; Donovick, R. 1989. Antitumor and antiviral substances from 
fungi. Advances in Applied Microbiology.
34: 183-262.
An effective strategy for find ing more recent references is to 
use the science citation index, or in biological abstracts there is an index by 
higher order taxa and subject. for example you can look at basidiomycetes 
and anti-tumor...
Cheers and good luck

On Tue, 14 Nov 1995, Bruce Duncan wrote:

> Hi.  Looking for information on human studies involving _Ganoderma 
> lucidum_, _Lentinus edodes_, _Poria_ species, or other genera/species re 
> medicinal effects.  Most studies appear to be Chinese or Japanese, and 
> haven't been translated into English... help appreciated.  
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