Using this group to ID mushrooms

Bill Chestnut unicorn1 at
Mon Nov 13 11:47:21 EST 1995

griner at (George Riner) wrote:

>How best to use this group to get identifcation help on a fungus?

I agree that id'ing by e-mail is tricky, indeed. My one question about 
Blewits should point that out. I was really asking if anyone in NC had 
positively ID'ed it but got opinions from everywhere _except_ NC.

>Perhaps a group?

Wasn't this discussed and turned down a while back?

>Or is this just too difficult and too tempting for some to post a
>description, get a response and consider it done and eat the thing
>only to regret it later and feel that someone who ventured to ID a
>fungus over e-mail/newsgroup postings is to blame?

Beggars can't be choosers! I agree with the post that

If in doubt, throw it out!!

Unless you like the thrill of having your stomach pumped.
Bill Chestnut

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