plant hormones and fungi

Barry Bowman bowman at
Fri Nov 17 13:11:41 EST 1995

This is a question that was asked of me by a colleague who studies
>plants. Does anyone have experience with a mycelial fungus or yeast
>responding to the plant hormones gibberellic acid and/or indole
>acetic acid (auxin)? This question is being asked with the intention
>of possibly using a fungus to study hormonal effects. Any literature
>references would also be appreciated.
>Thanks for answering.
>Nora Plesofsky-Vig

Effects of Auxin and Gibberellin on elongation of young hyphae in
Neurospora crassa.  Plant and Cell Physiol. 1984, 25:355-358 Tomita et al.

A few additional refs are in this paper.

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