Kombucha - Anyone heard of this?

Karen Jensen karenj at zimmer.CSUFresno.EDU
Fri Nov 17 00:47:55 EST 1995

Am an amateur mycologist (and I do mean "amateur") and peruse this
list infrequently - in large part because my home of Fresno, California
is not the most "fertile" mushroom hunting locale, with summer
temperatures topping 100 degrees for weeks in a row.

A friend recently e-mailed me for information on a "mushroom" that his
sister is growing and using for "medicinal?" purposes. He described it
as a grey disk that floats in a jar of water(?) and looks like a
breast implant. After laughing hysterically at this description for
about 10 minutes, I searched through my shelves of mushroom books,
keys, etc. and could find nothing that resembled his description.

I know enough about the growth and structure of fungi to feel that
whatever this organism is, it is not a mushroom.

I felt convinced that someone here might be able to shed some light on
this "breast implant mushroom". The names that his sister used were:

fungus japonicus

Ever heard of this? If so, please e-mail reply to me if you can, since
as I mentioned, I seldom check in on this group.

Karen Jensen, Professor of Communicative Sciences and Disorders

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