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In article <Pine.BSF.3.91.951114214014.14123A-100000 at>, Bruce Duncan <hatter at> writes:
> Hi.  Looking for information on human studies involving _Ganoderma 
> lucidum_, _Lentinus edodes_, _Poria_ species, or other genera/species re 
> medicinal effects.  Most studies appear to be Chinese or Japanese, and 
> haven't been translated into English... help appreciated.


    Hi.  From a quick search of the CAplus file produced by the database I
work at, Chemical Abstracts Service, I found 1659 abstracts with the search
terms Lentinus, Ganoderma, or Poria.  Of these, 35 were reviews.  Of these,            a couple of interesting looking ones dealing with medicinal effects were:

o Mizuno, Takashi, Wang, Guanying, Zhang, Jie, Kawagishi, Hirokazu, Nishitoba,
  Tsuyoshi, Li, Jingxuan; Reishi, Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma tsugae:
  Bioactive substances and medicinal effects, Food Rev.  Int.  (1995), 11(1),

o Mizuno, Takashi; Shiitake, Lentinus edodes: Functional properties for
  medicinal and food purposes, Food Rev.  Int.  (1995), 11(1), 111-28

The authors were from Japan, but the articles themselves are in English.  And,
all our abstracts and indexing are in English.  I hope this is useful.

    A lot of people think that Chemical Abstracts has only chemical infor-
mation, but, a third of the 600,000 or so abstracts (journals, patents,
conference proceedings, etc.) we put out every year come from our bio-related
areas and include abstracts like the above ones.  To search on some of the
other papers in this area, check with your science or main librarian to find
out if your organization already has an account with us or call our customer
service desk.

    Well, I hope this helps!  Good luck!


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