Agaricus bisporus, Morphological research

Paul Zambino paulz at PUCCINI.CRL.UMN.EDU
Sat Nov 18 13:38:03 EST 1995

>Dear scientists,
>My interests go on Agaricus bisporus. I am studying its anatomy, morphogenesis
>and effect of gravitation during morphogenesis, light & electron microscopic
>structures starting from basidiospore through complete set of developmental
>stages during cultivation.
>I would like to meet anybody making research on Agaricus bisporus to exchange

Dear fungomorph@ (Sorry, I didn't catch your name!)

I would be very interested in hearing responses to your recent post, and
hope that they will be posted to myconet rather than directly to you,
especially since this net doesn't get all that much traffic anyway.  I
confess an ongoing interest in this topic, although I am currently working
on rust fungi, not agarics.

Perhaps we could broaden the topic a little, and also discuss current
understanding of the environmental triggers for fruit body morphogenesis in
Agaricus and other basidios, and the genetic and physiological controls of
the same?  To start off, does anyone knows of current reviews of the

Also, in terms of your own studies, and the effect of gravitation in
morphogenesis, I was wondering to what degree and by what physiologic
mechanism is gravitation response in expanding basidiocarps overcome in
semi-enclosed areas with gradients in CO2, O2, and other gasses?     Paul

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