Help on classification

dwimmer at dwimmer at
Tue Nov 21 20:48:00 EST 1995

Can anyone help on the following fungi? My books all cover 
"medically important" fungi and don't cover environmental isolates. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1.Colony on TSA (I know, I know) 1cm diameter after 5d at 32dC. 
Opaque edge with raised convoluted center having a grey/white 'wool' 
appearance. Under lactophenol cotton blue stain by the magic tape 
method, I saw only condidia, but I did see one sterigmata (sp?) 
segment, composed of three cells which were blocky, and the terminal 
one was kind of bullet shaped.

2. Same growth conditions as above, colonies approx 2cm diameter. 
Colony turns TSA bright yellow, and forms an indention in the agar 
where the colony sits. Raised colony with flat top and concave 
center. White fringe where flat around edge, turning to dark grey in 
the center. There are radial 'spokes' from the center which carry 
the grey color to the edges; in between it is almost white. The 
spokes are indented, so when viewed from the side the colony looks 
alot like a pastry tart. Under the scope, the hyphae branch at the 
end to form several metulae which end in long chains of conidia.

3. I don't know if this is a fungus or not: The colony grows between 
20-35dC. It grows in a singular straight 1mm tube that curls around 
itself, so it looks like you took a tube of frosting and piped it 
around into a little circular blob. It is off-white in color. Under 
the scope, the cells look like those ridgey ballons, but deflated 
(long and skinny, but with undulating edges) and often are in pairs 
joined at the ends, but one will be very very skinny. They are about 
twice as long as a bacillus sp, it seems.

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