amanita phalloides

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>Does anyone have any statistics on how many people in the USA have died in
>the last ten years from eating the death cap. Or do you know where I might
>be able to get this information. Also, this is an introduced species.
>Where and when did it come into the US? 
>Thanks in advance for your response.

On page 204 of 'Mushrooms: poisons and panaceas' by Denis R. Benjamin  (W.H. 
Freeman & Co. NY 1995)  he writes " There is speculation that it is not native 
to the United States but the mechanism of introduction of A. phalloides into 
this country is unknown."    ------  suggests introduction from European 
nursery stock in the 1920's or 30's.              You might want to read the 
book for yourself.   It is replete with literature references.   And 
unanswered questions might then go to Dr. Benjamin.          Tom McCloud

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