edibility of leucoagaricus naucinus (lepiota naucina)

Steven Carpenter microbe at PEAK.ORG
Fri Nov 24 18:01:28 EST 1995

I get an upset stomach from this, as well as does my father.  My wife
eats it with gusto.  It is tasty, though one to recommend as "try a
little bit and wait a day" before having more.  In addition, be absolutely
sure not to confuse anything in-hand with a white Amanita!!

-Steven E. Carpenter
 Cascade Research Associates
  & Abbey Lane Laboratory
 microbe at peak.org

Bilbock (bilbock at aol.com) wrote:
: A large amount of leucoagaricus naucinus (lepiota naucina) appeared in my
: garden beds this fall. The books are very cautious or even discouraging
: regarding the edibility of this species. I'm interested in hearing of any
: personal experiences with eating this mushroom.

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