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Sat Nov 25 23:25:21 EST 1995

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>         I am applying for organic certification in the state of Maine. As
> far as I know  I'll be the first shiitake grower using sawdust vs. log
> culture in the state. Because I'm the first, we have to start from
> scratch.
>          I have a meeting with the local organic organization on Dec 7 to
> discuss the appropriate standards and I would like to go prepared.  
>         I have sent a query to MycoWorld via E-mail but I would like to
> get additional information via this forum as well.
>         All of this leads up to my request. Does anyone in this newsgroup
> have information they are willing to share regarding organic certification
> of specialty mushrooms using suplemented sawdust growing media? 
>         I'd appreciate any help you could give.
> Thanks,
> Paul

I'm more of a horticulturist than an a real mushroom grower, but I'm
afraid that you may be in for a lot of red tape.  Have all your facts (and
arguments) in you head so that you will be able to answer any question
they may ask you- in my experience, unless you live in an area where
mushroom cultivation is relatively common, most of the people you will be
dealing with don't even know what mushrooms really are.

Still, I'm sure you will be successful if you are determined- just don't
get discouraged.


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