Spore Germination?

Tom Volk tjvolk at facstaff.wisc.edu
Mon Nov 27 09:54:29 EST 1995

r3603203 at CC.NTU.EDU.TW (r3603203) wrote:
>I did monospore isolation with water agar and fine metal >thread under microscopy. The agar that contained a single > spore was cut and the isolated spore was cultured into >PDA slants at 30 degree Celsius, but the germination rate >was very low.  Only 10 slants out of 200 slants >germinated, did I do anything wrong?

We do many single spore isolations for our work on
Armillaria, Laetiporus, Phellinus and many species of wood
decay fungi.  You don;t say what species you are trying to
grow, but many species have a very low spore germination
rate.You might have to try another kind of medium, but
since you are having some success with germination, you are
probably better off (more efficient) spreading the spores
on agar, waiting for the spores to germinate, and picking
the "germlings" that consist of 1-5 cells.  Thus you are
spending your time picking only viable individuals.

Good luck.

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