Q: can two fungal species mate and reproduce new species?

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Mon Nov 27 15:44:13 EST 1995

I've been told by a horticulturist that it's possible for two 
different fungal species to mate and reproduce a third 
species.  Is this really possible?  What would be the 
limitations--as in, would the two species have to be closely 
related?  Would the offspring fungus be able to reproduce 
itself--or would it be sterile?  What kind of spore-dispersal
mechanisms would be dominant and passed on to the
offspring fungus in relation to other spore-dispersal mechanisms? 

In the two books (_not_ ID books) I have about fungi and their
spores, nothing like this is mentioned.  So, is this completely
speculative, or is this possible?

    - Tara K. Harper
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