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Marco Floriani mflorian at sun10.inf.unitn.it
Mon Nov 27 04:51:12 EST 1995

Bibliographic news
Some months ago I posted to this newsgroup a message regarding a reprint of E.M.
Fries's works; as that message has been found interesting by many people, I
think you would like to know also the following two pieces of information:
1) The A.M.B. (Associazione Micologica Bresadola, Italy) has edited the first 
volume of "Schede di Micologia", a new series of books about fungi. This work,
entitled "Funghi fimicoli e rari o interessanti del litorale toscano" ("Dung
fungi and rare or interesting species from the litoranean area of Toscana")
deals with 80 (mainly fimicolous) species. The most represented genera are
Coprinus (15 species), Panaeolus (6), Cheilymenia (6), Inocybe (5), Scutellinia
(5) and Peziza (4). Each fungus is represented with at least one color
photograph and many drawings of both macro- and microscopic details. A full
description is also given, together with the original diagnosis, critical notes
and a very complete bibliographic research (about 30 references for each
species). The book also includes a reproduction of 11 original plates taken from
very old works. It is entirely (and unfortunately) written in italian (obviously
except for the original descriptions). The book is hardbound and 616 pages long.
It is possible to have it for 85.000 Lit. + 15.000 Lit. (mail charges). That is
100.000 Lit., equivalent to 62.5 U.S. dollars (considering 1 $ = 1600 Lit.). If
you want to have it, please send an international postal money order to the
following address:
Associazione Micologica Bresadola
Via A. Volta, 46
38100 Trento - ITALY

The book will be sent to you very soon.
2) M.T. Basso (bookseller and publisher) is preparing a reprint of the
fundamental work by Mordecai Cubitt Cooke "Illustrations of British fungi". This
work includes about 1200 color plates and it will be reprinted in 8 volumes
which will be published during the next three years (1996-1998). The price of
each volume (150 plates) should be of about 90.000 Lit. (that means about 56
U.S. dollars). This reprint will be made only if about 500 subscriptions will be
collected within the end of 1995. If you are interested, please write to the
following address, and you will receive more information.
Libreria Basso di M.T. Basso
Via Vigo, 31
17021 Alassio (SV) - ITALY
Tel & Fax: (ITALY) 0182-641514

I hope this information is of interest for someone.
Marco Floriani
Via Vigolana, 8
38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN)
Tel    : 0461/510450 
E-mail : <mflorian at inf.unitn.it>

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