Spore Germination?

"David Brayford ", IMI D.BRAYFORD at cabi.org
Mon Nov 27 03:42:22 EST 1995

Your needle might have been too hot.  Let it cool inthe water agar for 20-30 
seconds before picking up the spores.  Also, it often happens that % 
germination is low.  I recommend spreading out the spores and leaving them 
to germinate overnight.  Next day you can just pick off those that have 
actually germinated.  This way you get 100% recovery.
Good luck.
Dave Brayford, IMI

To: mycology
Subject: Spore Germination?
Date: 25 November 1995 5:51

I did monospore isolation with water agar and fine metal thread under
microscopy. The agar that contained a single spore was cut and the
isolated spore was cultured into PDA slants at 30 degree Celsius, but
the germination rate was very low.  Only 10 slants out of 200 slants
germinated, did I do anything wrong?

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