edibility of leucoagaricus naucinus (lepiota naucina)

Marco Floriani marco
Tue Nov 28 08:34:19 EST 1995

The group of Leucoagaricus leucothites (= naucinus) comprehends some two
or three species very close one to each other (L. cretaceus is one of them);
as they grow in the same kind of habitat, people often collect them without
making any distinction; now, as one of these species seems to be toxic (if
I am correct, it should be L. cretaceus), some field guides don't encourage
to eat any of them. If someone sells spawn to cultivate L. leucothites, any-
way, I think that those fungi must be surely edible; but when you find them
in a meadow you never know... you must be sure of what you eat!

I hope this helps. Marco
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