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Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at
Sun Oct 1 15:05:43 EST 1995

check out
In the search-by-subject page, you'll find sources plus info on how to grow
various species.

On Sun, 01 Oct 95 10:54:53 GMT, 
Graham Orme  <Graham at> wrote:

>Does anybody know where I can obtain advice and materials for growing
>edible fungi at home. I've tried a kit for growing agaricus bisporus
>which was reasonably succesful but these mushrooms are readily available 
>from the shops here in the UK.
>What I would like to grow are oyster fungi (Pleurotus cornucopiae, 
>P. dryinus or P. ostreatus) or Japanese Shittaki or Penny Bun Boletus
>(Boletus Edulis also called Cep, Steinpilze or Porcino).
>Does anyone have experience of growing these?
>Another interesting one is the Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius).
>Is it possible to farm them?
>Graham Orme 

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