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Wed Oct 4 23:57:28 EST 1995

This species has been extensively studied at the Oregon Graduate Institute's
Dept. of Chemistry, Biochemistry, & Molecular Biology.  You can find
summaries of their work by exploring their web page (search "OGI Catalog"
for best summary).  URL=
<I found them to be unresponsive to email queries, myself>

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802902077 at RUMAC.UPR.CLU.EDU  <802902077 at RUMAC.UPR.CLU.EDU> wrote:

>I need some information about bioremediation with fungi, especificly
>with Phanerochaete chrysosporium.Information about bioremediation 
>itself could be useful too.
>               Thanks.
>                   George Diaz-Mail 802902077 at

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