Selling Price of Shiitake Mushrooms

P Okerholm pokerholm at
Fri Oct 6 14:12:05 EST 1995

        Can anyone explain the apparent discrepency between the NASS
figures as published in their annual Specialty Mushrooms Report and the
U.S.Wholesale Market Prices as quoted by the USDA. 
        The NASS report shows the average price per pound of Shiitake to
be $3.83. This is supposedly the average of all mushrooms sold at the
first point of sale, including wholesale, retail etc.
        The wholesale market prices have been consistently above that for
all but some #2 mushrooms. Unless the bulk of the mushrooms sold are #2's
its hard to see where the $3.83 comes from; particularly if you assume
that the retail market, which should be higher, is in there also.
        Can someone enlighten me? This is very important to me because I'm
only a few weeks away from  having my own production capability and I was
assuming a worst case scenario of at least $4.00/lb, based on the
wholesale market figures.  
       Can I buy a Mercedes or not?    ;^)


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