molds 2 types- Fusarium & Rhizopus

Peter Herman herman at
Fri Oct 6 05:23:07 EST 1995

Edward D. Shell (dwights at wrote:
: My allergist said I was allergic to  these kinds of mold but didn't say 
: where they grew or what caused them.  I would like to know where they 
: originate and how to avoid them. Any brain expanding information would be 
: appreciated.  Thanks.

Sad to say, but these are two of the most common soil fungi in most
environments.  Based on sampling experience in Missouri prairies, New
Mexico deserts and Swedish pastures, I can say that it is almost
impossible to do a soil profile without seeing one or both of them.

Unless you are prepared to emulate the boy in the bubble, your best bet
would to approach the problem via desensitation or symptmatic relief
rather than avoidance. 

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