Kombucha-shitea, medicinal fungus?

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mamber at synapse.bms.com (Stephen Mamber)  wrote on 06 Oct 95 concerning "Re: Kombucha-shitea, medicinal fungus?":

> >This is the first I've heard of this with the "shitea" suffix.  Any guesses
> >where that came from?

I have an article  on Kombucha ("The Fascination of Kombucha"), but it is  
rather long (34 KByte). If you would enjoy reading it, please e-mail me,  
and I will send it to you.

The article that was published in the American magazine "American Raum & Zeit" (now called "Explore" or Explore More") in 1991. This article is dedicated to all who want basic instruction on Kombucha. The article was written by me and translated from Ge
rman to English by the publisher of the magazine.

If you are interested you could join a kombucha discussion list
by sending a message to

    Kombucha-request at shore.net

In the body of the message, put the following


The list is quite active. The list owner is David Lazaroff of Balanced Medicine,
Inc. You can reach him at: Phone 617-497-8284, email: lazaroff at holistic.com,
web: http://www.holistic.com/~holistic/lazaroff.html.

I hope I could help you.
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