Jack Parkin passed away

Otto Lang mst1 at io.org
Mon Oct 9 13:02:57 EST 1995

To all mycophiles who knew John Russell (Jack) Parkin of the 
Mycological Society of Toronto (MST), Ontario, Canada:

"Jack lost his long battle with lung cancer and passed away
on the morning of Monday, October 9th, 1995, at Cummer Lodge,
a nursing home in Toronto. 

A retired pharmacist, Jack was a valued member of the MST,
an Honorary Member and Past President, the 1992 recipient
of the Elsie and Harry Knighton Award of the North American 
Mycological Association for meritorious services to a local
mushroom society and had an annual Toronto event named after
him, the Jack Parkin Foray.

Jack was a serious amateur mycologist and collaborated with
professional mycologists on several mushroom books and ident-
ification keys, most recently for the North American Russulas. 

We all miss him very much."

Otto Lang <mst1 at io.org>

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