Are there standard color references for mycological work?

Brian Winkler n9489504 at
Tue Oct 10 01:32:18 EST 1995

I have been reading David Aurora's Mushrooms Demystified, the National 
Audobon Society's Mushroom Field Guide, along with some other works.

In all of these works, there is reference made to a plethora of different 
color distinctions.  Are these colors referenced to any grand scheme, and 
is there a color swatchbook available somewhere for these colors?  None 
of the above-mentioned works lists any color source in their 
bibliographies or introductions.

A quick check of my university library led me to the following 

Color: Universal Language and Dictionary of Names (1976) US Gvmt Printing 
Ofc.  (The only one which my library carries.)

The references cited in this work follow:

Maerz and Paul: Dictionary of Color, 1st edition. (General)
Ridgway: Color Standards and Color Nomenclature (Biology, Botany)
Taylor, Knoche, Granville: Descriptive Color Names Dictionary (Mass Market)
H.A. Dade: Colour Terminology in Biology (Biology)
R.F. Wilson: Horticultural Color Charts (Horticulture)

Anyone have any success or authoritative answer for which of these might 
be used for mycological identification color (spore prints, fruitbodies, 
etc.) cross-referencing?

As my manual from the GPO is from 1976, there may be newer versions or 
entirely different citations currently in vogue.

The on-campus mycological research assistant directed me to the CMI Colour 
List or the CMI Colour Chart, but neither of these can be found 

I am particularly interested in a guide that I can purchase to use away 
from the library.  Thanks in advance!

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