Black Stain, How to Remove?

Greg Steckler logrhythms at
Sun Oct 15 00:14:28 EST 1995

Got a Fungi problem.  See a friend of mine, a furniture maker was commissioned to 
install a 10,000 lbs. white oak tree from Roseburg, Oregon into a Western Clothing 
Store (The Spotted Mule) as part of the store's furnishing and decoration.  Trouble 
is, it has been power washed and drying all summer and has developed real stubborn 
black (mildew?) stain.  Also a core was done and the Forrest Service said the tree 
died from an interior rot.  It oozed a black slime out of the core for a couple of 

Okay, all you mushroom heads(;->) would a bleach solution do the trick? Or Boracare?
And should we try to tap that core and empty it?  Do you suppose the core will cause 
future problems.  This tree will be a permanent part of the store for 50-100 years.
And what about a sealer?  Any ideas?

Greg Steckler
Log Rhythms, Inc.
Bend, Oregon
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