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>Does anyone have a recipe for pickling bearded milk caps?

This is an allpurpose mushroom pickling recipe that I have used 
succesfully with saffron milkcaps. They can be a little slimey after a 
few weeks but a quick rinse is all that is required.

       Title: Pickled Mushrooms

 1 kg mushrooms
 4 cups water
 1.5 tsp salt
 1.5 cups red wine vinegar
 1.5 cups white vinegar
 3 cloves garlic
 2 doz peppercorns
 6 bay leaves
 9 cloves
 3 blades mace
 1.5 tsp salt

 Simmer mushrooms in water and salt for 15 mins.

 Allow to cool then drain.

 Simmer pickling ingredients together for 5 mins.

 Bottle mushrooms and pour vinegar over.

Hope this works. I do have a few other mushroom recipes in my collection 
so let me know if you want more.

Bye from Philip.

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