Johannes Woestemeyer b5wojo at
Tue Oct 17 10:07:31 EST 1995

Dear colleagues,

is there anybody who has isolates of the following zygomycetes in the 
strain collection:

Parasitella parasitica (simplex)
Chaetocladium spec.
Absidia parasitica

We would be highly interested to obtain different isolates than the ones 
we habe (mostly (ATTC or CBS). We have done a lot of research on the 
natural gene transfer from the fusion biotroph Parasitella simplex to its 
hosts (mainly Absidia glauca and to some extent Absidia parasitica) and 
would like to extend these studies

Please send me a note if you have some advice,
Thank you so much,
Johannes Woestemeyer 
e-mail: b5wojo at

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