Slippery Jacks only in Tall Grass and Who's eating the Meadow Mushrooms?

Mike Hoffelder mh at SUNBLOCK.PGH.WEC.COM
Wed Oct 18 07:21:09 EST 1995

Dear Mycophiles,

I have just two questions.

I moved to Western PA last August and my new home had an abundance 
of different late-summer, early-fall fruiting mushrooms.  
This year when the mushrooms started appearing I bought the 
Audabon's Mushroom Guide so I could do some identification.
I found that I have mostly what appear to be Slippery Jacks, 
Meadow Mushrooms, and Spiny Puffballs.  (There were more 
different kinds of puffballs last year when there was more rain.)

Now the interesting thing is about the Slippery Jacks.
I have 3 acres of grass with a wide variety of 15-20 tall pine
trees scattered around.  I fenced about half into a horse pasture.
The only place I find the slippery Jacks is adjacent to short, 
twin-needled pines in the tall grass of the pasture.  
There were no slippery Jacks around these trees last year when
they were mowed around and there are mushrooms around the same 
kind of pine trees in the remaining low-cut yard this year.

Is this just a coincidence or do Slippery Jacks need both 
a pine tree and tall grass?

Also the Meadow Mushrooms keep disappearing.  I have found clumps
of these throughout my 3 acres.  However after a few days all that
is left will be some stems and a few small bits of cap.
Any guesses who is eating these mushrooms.  
Deer?  Racoons?  Opossums?  Skunks?

Thanks for your time,

Mike Hoffelder
mh at

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