Are there ANY edibles left around Vancouver?

Richard Winder rwinder at PFC.Forestry.CA
Tue Oct 17 10:31:10 EST 1995

In article <45v9v4$ss0 at>, User <user at> writes:
>I've been having a rough time trying to find any decent quantities of 
>edibles (Chantrelles, Matsutake, etc.) around Vancouver in October. Seems 
>to be a lousy fall season. Too much rain? Looking everywhere, but not 
>seeing many mushrooms of any type.
>Any suggestions? Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
>Paul -->  pklym at

They've dropped off around the Island, too.  We suspect the late summer rains
caused some things to start, then we had a period of dryness followed by
November-like cold/wet which seems not to have been all that conducive.


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