antifungals for tissue culture

Michael Clark michael-clark at
Thu Oct 19 17:14:35 EST 1995

Austin Reade wrote:

>Does anyone have information on antifungals which might be added to the >media for conifer tissue culture work.   My colleagues are experiencing >occasional problems with fungal contamination.

   I'm not sure about plant work, but Fungizone (amphotericin B) is the
standard antifungal used in mammalian cell culture.  It is sold by
Gibco BRL (catalog #15295-017) for $10.80 per 20mL of a 250ug/mL
solution.  Working concentration is 0.25-2.5ug/ml media.  Try calling
them, I'm sure they know what the correct antibiotic is for your use.

--Michael Clark
--University of Iowa
--Molecular Biology Program

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