Oregon Mushroom Show!!!

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at teleport.com
Wed Oct 18 23:40:29 EST 1995

October 22 - Oregon Mycological Society Fall Show
12:00  noon to 5 p.m.  At:  National Guard Armory, Gresham, Or,
(500 N.E.  Division Street). This is a super mushroom year, so
expect a wide variety for display, as well as mushroom cooking
demonstration, book sales, dyeing display, slide show and the North
American Truffle Society (NATS) always has a wonderful display of
photos, real truffles, and samples to eat!

The cultivation committee will have some booths and displays.  You can buy 
shiitake logs & bags, oyster bags**, plus converse with others about 
growing-your-own.  Interested parties will be able to pick up a free
"grab-bag" with cultivation info, including flyers/catalogs from
Fungi Perfecti (mycomedia at aol.com); Mushroompeople (0002745871 at mcimail.com);
Mushroom Growers' Newsletter (mycowrld at cdsnet.net); Western Biologicals;
Northwest Mycological Consultants; a sample of the free Internet email 
newsletter on specialty mushroom cultivation (FUNGUS)##; plus add'l 
interesting donated cultivation information.

**the oyster bags were made with donated 'space bags' from Unicorn Bags Inc
Lou Hsu (unicorn at interserv.com) has kindly donated bags to the OMS 
Cultivation Group and we have used them in a variety of manners.
Thanks, Lou!!!

##homepage for FUNGUS is http://www.mtjeff.com/fungi

Hope to see you there!  Ralph Arnold <rarnold at teleport.com>

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