Slippery Jacks only in Tall Grass and Who's eating the Meadow Mushrooms?

Dave Kroon dkroon at
Wed Oct 18 21:27:51 EST 1995

Mike Hoffelder (mh at SUNBLOCK.PGH.WEC.COM) wrote:

: Dear Mycophiles,

: I have just two questions.

: I moved to Western PA last August and my new home had an abundance 
: of different late-summer, early-fall fruiting mushrooms.  
: This year when the mushrooms started appearing I bought the 
: Audabon's Mushroom Guide so I could do some identification.
: I found that I have mostly what appear to be Slippery Jacks, 
: Meadow Mushrooms, and Spiny Puffballs.  (There were more 
: different kinds of puffballs last year when there was more rain.)


: Mike Hoffelder
: mh at

	I know that this is somewhat off the track, but I wanted to reccommend
against the Adubon guides. I have had nothing but annoyance from them (all
types, not just mushrooms).  For instance, the tree guide does not have a
dicotymous (sp?) key. I do not want to rant and rave, I am simply mentioning
this because I do not want anyone to make the same assumption I did, which is
that because of the Adubon society's reputation it reasons their field guides
will be well done. Petersen's is much better.

	Sorry, but I had to get it off my chest.

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