Slippery Jacks only in Tall Grass and Who's eating the Meadow Mushrooms?

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Wed Oct 18 21:32:01 EST 1995

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Mike Hoffelder <mh at SUNBLOCK.PGH.WEC.COM> wrote:
>Is this just a coincidence or do Slippery Jacks need both 
>a pine tree and tall grass?
>Also the Meadow Mushrooms keep disappearing.  I have found clumps
>of these throughout my 3 acres.  However after a few days all that
>is left will be some stems and a few small bits of cap.
>Any guesses who is eating these mushrooms.  
>Deer?  Racoons?  Opossums?  Skunks?

I'm pretty new at 'shroomin' but here's my experience:

All the Suillis I;ve found have been in grass near pines.

I have witnessed a deer eating Amanita muscaria,  and have found what I 
believe to be wild pig poop in a favorite cypress grove that periodically 
gets torn up.

Bob Galvan
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