Shiitakes and black mushrooms - Latin names - please help!

Jerry Haugen mycowrld at
Fri Oct 20 22:49:57 EST 1995

Roman Trusnik <trusnik at> wrote:
>I need at least the Latin name of these mushrooms:

> 1. Shiitake mushrooms
      Currently: Lentinula edodes
      Formerly:  Lentinus edodes
> 2. Black mushrooms, mo-or or "tree ear" (according to the book, these
> should be synonymous)
       This is more difficult.  
       Perhaps you mean Auricularia polytricha?
       I'm sure the taxonomists can offer more help.

There is a book in print that has many common names for many species.
I suspect it would have the common names you are looking for.  I don't 
have a copy, but could track down the title for you. 

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