Science or hobby?

Roger Roger at
Sun Oct 22 10:08:45 EST 1995

In article <4688hl$1agn at> jpitkin at  writes:

> What has happened to the myconet?  It was originally created and used for
> the exchange of scientific information relating to fungal research, but it
> now being used primarily for mushroom hobby information.  The FAQ info for
> the group clearly states what the group was created for, so my question is
> why have the discussions on the myconet changed?  I seem to recall that
> there have been mushroom hobby newsgroups advertised... are they still out
> there?  I have nothing against the hobbyists out there but it seems that the
> research scientists are not using this site anymore due to the hobby
> messages that one must weed through in order to join the scientific
> discussions.

A short while back a scientist asked for information about truffles. I
sent him brief details of what I knew as a hobbyist and he said thanks.

Maybe my small contribution has helped his research. If we share we all

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