R/H science or hobby

Dan Ebbole dje0282 at VMS2.TAMU.EDU
Sun Oct 22 11:21:01 EST 1995

I think this issue is a trivial one.  The research scientists barely use
this forum.  However, I do think it is an important resource and its use by
one group or another will wax and wane.  

Perhaps one important way to help everyone is to simply put the word
"hobby" or "research" into the subject line.  Or even start with 'R' or
'H'.  When addressed to both groups 'R/H'.  Usually I can tell without the
keywords, but sometimes people use subject lines that could be anything.  

Let's not develop a we vs. they mentality on this.  Note that a significant
fraction of the "amateur" mycologists are scientists. 
Dr. Daniel Ebbole
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