Slippery Jacks only in Tall Grass and Who's eating the Meadow Mushrooms?

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Tue Oct 24 02:19:51 EST 1995

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> Is this just a coincidence or do Slippery Jacks need both 
> a pine tree and tall grass?

Many suillus are mycorrhizal symbionts with pines.
> Also the Meadow Mushrooms keep disappearing.  I have found clumps
> of these throughout my 3 acres.  However after a few days all that
> is left will be some stems and a few small bits of cap.
> Any guesses who is eating these mushrooms.  
> Deer?  Racoons?  Opossums?  Skunks?

Deer. Cows.  Horses.  Sheep.  Goats.  Mice.  Squirrels.  People.  Why are
meadow mushrooms lasting long enough to disappear?  Mine leap immediately
to my kitchen, and the coons can go fishin'.

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   Myrtle Creek, Oregon

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