Shiitakes and black mushrooms - Latin names - please help!

Marck D. Pearlstone marckp at
Thu Oct 26 06:32:37 EST 1995

Roman Trusnik <trusnik at> wrote:

>Dear Mycophiles,

>I have to translate the names of the following mushrooms from English into
>the Czech language:

>1. Shiitake mushrooms
>2. Black mushrooms, mo-or or "tree ear" (according to the book, these
>should be synonymous)

>So I need at least the Latin name of these mushrooms. Unfortunately I have
>not found any of these species in the dictionaries available here. I have
>been able to find the shiitakes on the net (but there was not the Latin
>name there) but I have never come across the "black mushrooms". Could
>anyone help me, please? I would be most obliged to them. Thank you.

>Yours sincerely,

>Roman Trusnik
>trusnik at

You have received most of your answers from US buffs. There is a
European edible 'tree ear' with un-politically correct name of 'Jew's
ear', latin name Auricularia auricula-judae. This may be the mushrooom
in question.


Marck D. Pearlstone
marckp at

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