R/H "use it or lose it"

Jessie Micales jmicales at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Oct 26 15:52:39 EST 1995

>Speaking for myself and not for the FGSC, if people want to see more 
>science here, then post more science here. If you want more foray 
>reports, post more foray reports.  
>I have found that this is a very efficient way to get information out and 
>from the number of people who have responded to my postings, know that 
>they are reaching the desired audience.

>Kevin McCluskey

I agree.  I really can't see splitting off into another newsgroup when there 
are so few posts here at all.  I enjoy looking at the "edibles" posts, but I 
probably wouldn't bother seeking them out if they were in another 
newsgroup.  Wouldn't it be better to somehow communicate to "amateurs" that 
they are welcome here in some other way?  Certainly the numbers of
"highly scientific" posts here is not overwhelming!  I think if you weaken 
this group any more, it won't be worth the time to bring it up on the screen!

Jessie Micales
Forest Products Laboratory
Madison, WI

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