Are there any protocols for mushroom quality control?

Levan Darjania darjania at CRIBA.EDU.AR
Fri Oct 27 15:12:19 EST 1995

Dear Mycologists and Mushroom growers

I am interested whether there are some methodological protocols
for the quality control (nutritional, market, etc.) of edible
mushrooms. In other words I would like to get the instructions
(protocols) to check the quality of cultivated mushrooms, par-
ticularly Agaricus spp. and Pleurotus spp.

Any advices and resource indication will be highly apreciated.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Dr. L. Darjania

Dept. of Agronomy
Universidad Nacional Del Sur
Bahia Blanca 8000, Argentina

P.S. Because of some local problems in USNET access, plese
     send me your valuable information directly using my
     e-mail connection:  darjania at

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