Neurospora and carbon sources

Matthew Sachs msachs at ADMIN.OGI.EDU
Thu Oct 26 20:16:30 EST 1995

>To all Neurospora enthusiasts:
>I would like to try growing Neurospora in liquid culture (and
>possibly plates), using either lactate or succinate as sole (or main)
>carbon source. If you have any experience or know any references on
>how well or badly Neurospora conidiospores germinate or grow on these
>carbon sources and at what concentration, I would appreciate learning
>about it. Thanks.
>Nora Plesofsky-Vig
>nora at

There is some older literature on these subjects referenced in:

Bachman, B. J., and W. N. Strickland, (1965) Neurospora bibliography and
index. Yale University Press, New Haven, CT.

Growth on succinate:

Sheperd, C. J., (1952) Studies on the tricarboxylic acid cycle of
Neurospora. Univ. Cambridge.

Growth on lactate:

Aurich, H., (1958) Wachstum von Neurospora crassa und Kohlenstoffquelle.
Flora 146: 632-642.

Went, F. A. F. C., (1901) Monilia sitophila (Mont.) Sacc., ein technischer
Pilz Javas. Zentr. Bakteriol. Abt.  II 7: 544-550; 591-598 [sic].

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