need info. on fungi-eating mammals

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Sat Oct 28 01:25:15 EST 1995

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	I'm a graduate student working on protein sources in the diet of 
a number of small Australian mammals (pygmy possums, sugar gliders, brown 
antechinus and the australian bush rat).  My main interest is in the 
importance of pollen protein, however, the bush rats ate very little 
pollen and lots of fungi.

	While some work on fungi-eating marsupials has been done here, I 
have been unable to find very much on mammals feeding on fungi outside 
Australia.  If someone knows any refernces related to this topic, could 
they please forward them to me?  My Email address is gitv45 at

	For those of you who are interested, the fungi involved were 
hypogeal fungi usually associated with the roots of Eucalyptus, Acacia 
and Banksia.  Many of the spores in the rat f¾ces were viable.  I suspect 
the rats are an important dispersal agent for some of the fungal species.

thanks for your time
Ian van Tets
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Wollongong
Wollongong, Australia

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