WTD:(used) Katsaros, "Ill. Guide to Common Slime Molds"

alan williams awillia at woodlawn.uchicago.edu
Sat Oct 28 14:44:43 EST 1995

Hello all,
I'm looking for "Illustrated guide to common slime molds", by Peter 
Katsaros (Mad River Press, 1989), a short but beautifully photographed
guide to these interesting creatures.  :-)  (I'm not a mycologist; I just
stumbled across this book about five years ago in the McGill University
I realize this book is still in print (available for $24.95), but since
I'm a penniless grad student who has long since depleted his book budget,
I'm hoping some kind soul out there has a used copy they'd be willing to
give up for $10 or so. 
This is a long shot, but it's such a beautiful book I thought I'd give it
a try.   :-)
Thanks in advance,
Alan Williams  

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