B. Edulis growth rates

Mark Emmer Mark.Emmer at internetMCI.com
Fri Sep 1 18:33:40 EST 1995

My wife and I were picking Boletus Edulis on Aug. 26 near Creede, Colorado
at an altitude of 11,100 feet.  At one flat site, there were two buttons
just breaking the surface near several pickable specimens.  About 2 cm
of each cap's top was visible, flush with the forest floor.

About 1/2 mile away and maybe 100 feet higher, we picked two large ones
(~15 cm) on a 20 degree east-facing slope, uphill of, and adjacent to a
downed log.  No other boletes were visible in this second location.

We returned to both sites 30 hours later, after a period of intermittent
rain and sun.  At the first site, the buttons were unchanged.  At the
second site, there were two new 12 cm specimens adjacent to the log.

Some amateur questions:

1. Is such a difference in growth rates typical?

2. Which is more typical for 1-1/4 days -- the buttons or the new big ones?

3. Is there research to understand the amount of energy transport needed
in the mycellium to sustain such astounding growth?  It seems remarkable
that these frail filaments could haul so much food to the growth site in
such a short time.

Mark Emmer
Salida, Colorado

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